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Cellulite sooner or later becomes part of the life of any woman, making the skin in the buttocks and thighs full of "holes." And it is no use thinking that cellulite only appears in women who are overweight, the truth is that this problem also appears in the skinny.

It is worth noting that cellulite affects at least almost one hundred percent of women after puberty. This disorder has the tendency to appear in regions where fat is under the influence female hormone known as estrogen. In this case, the regions most affected by cellulitis include the hips, the legs, especially the thighs and even the buttocks.

In some cases, cellulite can also be detected in the breasts, as well as in the lower abdomen, lower arms and also the nape - that is, parts of the woman's body where they act as potential fat deposits.

The causes of cellulite are quite varied, among them it is possible to cite the excess weight, but also the sedentary life, the pollution, some hormonal dysfunction, the smoking, the daily stress, among other factors that can unchain the problem. In addition, genetic factors are also not ruled out.

But despite being a nuisance, fortunately the cellulite has treatment. In this case, the Emagrecentro - Specialized Center in Slimming and Aesthetics, has great treatments to reduce cellulite.

Exclusive treatment of cellulite

The Emagrecentro counts on a treatment against cellulite quite effective. In this case, it consists of three sessions. One session is by Oligotermo Slim, the other is by Endermolipo, and the other session is by Intradermotherapy without a needle.

The Oligotermo Slim is made by activating circulation in the affected region, acting directly on cellulite. This treatment has a vasodilatory effect.

Endermolipo is used to reduce sagging of the skin, stimulating the action of neo-collagen, which is essential to keep the skin always smooth.

And there is also the needleless Intradermotherapy, which consists of the application into the skin of enzymes capable of burning fat. This treatment is painless.

In order to make the results more efficient, it is recommended that at least five sessions of these treatments be performed.

So to promote your well being, their self-esteem and maintaining a more beautiful and well-cared skin, it is worth looking for the Emagrecentro, also remembering that the Emagrecentro does not consist of a medical clinic, but rather a beauty and slimming center, where all procedures are specialized professionals, such as beauticians, physiotherapists and biomedical specialists.

To achieve visible results it is advisable to perform at least 5 weeks of treatment.
The Emagrecentro is a center for weight loss and esthetics and not a medical clinic. All procedures are performed by biomedical, physical therapists and beauticians.